6. September 2018

Wix Review: How I used the website builder for the first time

I asked an absolute beginner to create a website with wix. Now she shares her experience with Website Builder with us. Here is what Carina has experienced.

My experiences using Wix for the first time

Creating a Website

To be fond with you: this was the very first website I have created. I chose Wix as a Tool because of its reputation to be simple.
I started with browsing through examples of existing websites and the templates that Wix offers.
Wix suggests certain templates for your business, it being photography, a portfolio or a café. I chose to browse through all industries though, as all of them provide stunning layouts.

Creating a Website with Wix
once you have chosen and worked on a template, you can not switch to another one

My advice: choose carefully! Once you have chosen and worked on a template, you can not switch to another one anymore. You can, but your adjustments won’t convert.
Don’t worry though, you don’t have to stick to the template. See it as an idea, an inspiration that you can work on and adjust individually. Fonts, image sizes, colors and so on can easily be changed with the Wix editor.

wix free images
Wix offers a lot free illustrations and graphics

Very cool: Wix offers a lot of free imagery. I used a lot of Wix’s photos, but there are also nice illustrations and graphics that you can implement. You also have access to stock photos, which you can buy for little money.

After playing around with different designs for a few hours, I created my first website. My advice for newbies: make a rough outline of the content you want to publish on your website upfront – that will safe you a lot of time.

Premium-packages & prices

If you want to give Wix a try, you can start by creating a website for free. That also gives you a good chance to find out, whether you like the design templates. Your website is for free and online, but it is linked to a Wix Domain and therefore not suitable for a professional online presence. For a professional aim, Wix offers different premium-plans for all kinds of needs.

Most popular: Unlimited, a premium plan for 12,50€ per month. This plan suits Entrepreneurs and Freelancers without an online shop.
If you do want a shop on your website, you need to go for the eCommerce plan. It includes the same features as the Unlimited plan, plus more storage and the online shop.
Wix offers five different plans – all of them come with a 14-day trial.

Wix Website Editor
The WYSIWYG-Editor lets you edit and place a lot of content modules

Setting up an Online Shop

If you have booked a eCommerce plan, you can set up your own online store. However, you can also test the handling upfront. Even if you have a free website, you can design your store – it is just offline then.
Try it and you will soon find out, how easy it is. Start with choosing the design and its settings, then you’re ready to upload your own products. Once you have the eCommerce plan, your shop is ready to go online. All the profit belongs to you – Wix only gets the monthly fee.

Nice feature: You can also create vouchers within your shop.

Be sure to check the shop-rights
Each country has their own law on online-stores. Make sure to doublecheck it and, if necessary, adjust it.


Wix perfectly suits entrepreneurs and freelancers. Even though Wix has had a bit of a negative reputation a few years ago, it has caught up with other companies and improved its service.

It only takes a few steps to create an own website – it is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. f you are new to the digital world, Wix will walk you through the process: What is SEO? How do I improve my reach? What can I do next?

Choose the free website to play around with the design, see if you like the template, what your shop would look like. You have nothing to lose! And if you like it, go for the upgrade.

All advantages of Wix website builder

  • high-quality templates
  • easy handling
  • free imagery, graphics and illustrations
  • 14-day trial
wix review test
Wix Review bewertet von : 93/100
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